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21 and 22 Oktober. Time: 10.00 - 17.00


355 - With an early booking discount, sign up before September the 15th for only € 333


Dr. Adrian P. Larsen van Miridia Acupuncture Technology

required Prerequisites

Acupuncturists, TCG therapists and last year students


Hotel van der Valk. Oostzaan-Amsterdam


Westeinde 1, 1511MA Oostzaan Amsterdam

What is AcuGraph?

Although acupuncture exist a very long time it is continually evolved. And we acupuncturists evolve with the three treasures of AcuGraph; to know, show and grow as an acupuncturist.   AcuGraph gathers its information in a simple, two-minute exam, with measurement points located on the hands and feet for speed and convenience. The measures points are the Yuan-Source points these points are the most important point in the Zang-fu and telling a lot about the body. AcuGraph evolves in acupuncture, an advanced tool for acupuncture provides greater insight for acupuncturists and patients. AcuGraph helps you to find specific problems, choose the most effective treatment, documents the progress and objective evidence to demonstrate and strengthen the power of acupuncture.
Content of the seminar

Content of the seminar this year: We will focus on ion pump cords this time, which is a divergent meridian treatment in 3 dimensions. It is a thorough treatment that creates shifts in the energy balance at a very fundamental level. Patients experience this as a powerful treatment. Dr. Adrian Larsen will teach and demonstrate this technique to us. Further we are going to talk about  vibration therapy, this treatment applied to the meridian by massage and vibration to help solve stagnation and promote Qi. Ear acupuncture is also discussed. Dr. Adrian Larsen has worked intensively with Dr. Nogier. It will be two educational days, with further understanding of the interpretation of the graph and treatment strategies

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AcuGraph’s evidence-based approach to acupuncture is a categorical improvement in acupuncture care. Evidence-based care means you have real-time insight into meridian energetics and to make better treatment decisions for improved patient outcomes.


Objective evidence shows your patient exactly what’s wrong, demonstrates how you’re improving it and provides proof of results. Communication is the key to patient relationships, and explaining acupuncture isn’t always easy. AcuGraph’s visual tools provide instant understanding and patient acceptance.


AcuGraph provides unsurpassed tools for capturing interest, communicating acupuncture, and attracting patients. It’s a superstar at public screening events and speaking engagements.



Classical Ryodoraku measurement and treatment
Scientific validation   
Meridian theory and electroacupuncture research
Meridian Therapy vs. TCM
Basic Graphic Interpretation
Graphic calculations / adjustments / applications

Advanced Graphic Interpretation

Advanced treatment selection

Vibration therapy

Auricular therapy

Extra meridian balancing

Treatment documentation

Digital Meridian Analysis for Practice Enhancement

Ion pumping cords, a special treatment to treat the
divergent meridians


Extra information

Involving discounts are given at the seminar on procurement of AcuGraph 5 or update the AcuGraph 4 version.

Date: October 21 and 22

Time: 10:00 until 17:00

Teacher: Dr. Adrian P. Larsen from Miridia Acupuncture Technologie

Location: Hotel van der Valk, Oostzaan Amsterdam Westeinde 1, 1511MA Oostzaan Amsterdam

Language: English

Price: €355, sign up with early bird discount until September 22 for €333

Prerequisites: Basic TCM knowledge, training TCM, Chinese herbal medicine.

Target: Acupuncturists

Unlimited coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, sweet mints and fruit. Extensive hot and cold buffet lunch. Free parking.

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