Sjamanistische behandelingen

Through our family lines there are always people who carry all the pain from our ancestors in our DNA.
Pain that pass through generations that doesn’t belong to us. Even when somebody had put a curse on
our ancestors the strongest one have to carry this through generations until it’s been healed and taken away by a shaman.

I will take away if there was a curse together with the spirit of Kambo and i.c.w. Spirit Releasement.
If people experience that they are struggeling and that they are not themselve there can be a negative energy in your magneticfield who influence you.
There also could be a entity stuck in your energyfield or earth bounded spirits who are lost Souls who can’t or will not want to go to the light.
When it is taken away you feel a change right away. Kambo works on all layers and on a very deep level in the cells.
With the good and right protection and the special rituals there will be a reset where people can start all over again.
When you lose you mind, you will get a whole new mind. Kambo will burn away all the distractions, the poison, emotions, restlessness, blockages, pain and tiredness.
Find your real Soul purpose and get ride of all past life blockages. While healing yourself you heal all your ancestors.
There are specials ancestors acupuncture points I use during the treatment. Points on the  meridians to open your inner gate and that will open your two heart chakra’s.
Those gates will connect you to your own Soul. That you can listen to the guidance of your Soul.
Follow your Soul and do everything what makes your Soul happy.

If you want to experience your real own Soul power and get ride of all the distractions and blockages
that are holding you back to grow in a higher consciousness, make a appointment with me so when can start and do the work

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