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What is Shamanism?

In Shamanism, supernatural powers are addressed by a shaman who can connect with spirits and the spirit world, often in order to cure diseases that caused by ghosts or entities. Spirits that affect the life of the living. Traditional beliefs, rituals and practices from various cultures spread throughout the world are used here.   I call this Spiritual Healing, healing on Soul level. But what is the Soul actually? A Soul is a Golden Light, in order to see it, you must open your third eye. The Soul can be settled in different parts of the body. There are 7 main areas where the soul can live. A Soul is a character and has several qualities.

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What does Shamanism have to do with Chinese medicine?

Shamanism is found all around the world and in many cultures. In Shamanism we work a lot with and in nature, which is linked to the 5 elements. And in Chinese medicine, every organ has its own soul. Every part of the Soul has its own qualities. The movement of a particular soul, such as the Ethereal Soul “Hun”, which is the Soul of the Liver, has an influence on mental activities. Knowledge depends on the soul’s sharpness. It is responsible for rational thinking, intuition and inspiration. During the day, the Ethereal Soul houses in the eyes and in the night in the Liver. When the Soul is in the eyes, we can see. If this is in the liver then we dream. At the psychological level, the Ethereal Soul is responsible for visons in 3 ways; psychic vision, seeing in the night in the form of dreams or a dream or vision in life. The Soul of the Spleen is connected with the intellect. There is memory, genius ideas, learning, study, concentration, and focus. The Soul of the Kidney is the Zhi and connected with the Wilpower. In contact with the Spirit, in Chinese Medicine, this is called the Shen.
What does a shamanic healing include?

The shamanic healings usually consists out of Spirit Releasement, Extraction and Soul retrieval:  Spirit Releasement is a really powerful energetic cleaning. I remove energies from your energy field and intruders out of your body. You can call it an energetic cleansing. That can be earth bounded spirits, which cannot find the light or are afraid to go to the light, they are stuck here on earth. Often they are traumatized. I will first heal them and guide them to the light. Or there could be other entities, dark forced energies, a curse an evil eye or others. These client have multiply complains which I immediately recognize, I can read your energyfield. For example and intense rushed feeling, depressed, burned out, stagnated and a lot of bad luck in love, career and financial setbacks. Clients feel an energetic difference right away. Extraction is the removal of entities and disturbed energies that are no longer belong in and around your body.  Soul retrieval is the retrieval of lost or stolen soul parts. These are retrieved from the Spirit world. I will get the parts of the fragment Soul back by time travelling to this other world/dimension with the help of my gatekeeper, spirits guides and power animals.
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When do we talk about Soul loss?

When people suffer from loss of their spiritual essence, when one suffers from an incompleteness and a void. The feeling that parts of yourself have been lost and that you feel cut off from the deep connection with life. This feeling of incompleteness and alienation causes deep suffering with the result that you feel that you are not fully alive and you can not enjoy life. This constant feeling of emptiness and pain is often filled up or pushed away by the use of alcohol, drugs, the urge to have sex all the time, to seek out the fun and pleasure and confirmation outside of yourself and many other addictions. Soul loss is the loss of strength, both mentally and physically. When people experience trauma such as incest, physical abuse, rape, the loss of a loved one, heartbreak, accidents, war experiences, or long-term emotions, loss of soul can occur. But also depressions or long-term illnesses, serious illnesses or surgery or people who also turn out to have bad luck are all attacks where the Soul shoots out of the body like a catapult in order not to experience the pain.

What are the characteristics of the Soul?

A person has a Soul, Spirit and a Body. They are separated but also united. They are separated because they are independent but united because they are in a body and communicate with each other. A Soul has a consciousness and intelligence. A Soul has an awareness, the Soul thinks, analyzes, learns, has preferences that he likes or does not like. A Soul has a character, some people are very active and others very quiet. Some people are very ad rem and funny others are very serious again. A person can love music while the other likes sports or likes to travel around and see and experience more of the world. A Soul also has emotions, it can be happy and feel peaceful or sad, anxious or angry. A Soul has an incredible wisdom in it and when the Soul is complete and healed you can be amazed at how much your Soul actually knows. Your Soul is your best adviser and guide. A Soul has a great memory which he remembers from previous life experiences. For example, you travel for the first time in your life to a place where you have never been and you have a very strong feeling that you have been there before or you simply have a connection with a certain culture and country. A Soul automatically communicates with other Souls in a very natural way. You can meet someone for the first time and immediately feel love or a strong click. You feel that there is something special between them. A Soul has an incredible self-healing ability. That is why I always work with the Soul of the client together with the healings. Your Soul is constantly searching for knowledge, just as your Spirit always teaches, your Soul does that too. The Soul protects you and warns you through your intuition, your gut feeling. But a Soul can also reward you or teach you lessons if you take good or bad care of yourself or go against your intuition feeling. A Soul has great flexibility and follows spiritual rules and principles, your mind can not be fully aware of that but your Soul does. And so there are many more characteristics of the Soul. Many Souls seek enlightenment and want to do good to improve the world in the form of giving love, care, compassion, sincerity and kindness and help to others. That is why more and more people are searching for the Soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and Soul healing. The Soul lives forever.

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What do you experience when your Soul is complete?

When the Soul is completely in the body, the experiences are that people heal from physical and mental complaints. One can enjoy life again without feeling the resistance of pain, sadness, fear, anger or a void feeling of being incomplete. A Soul has multiple qualities, creativity and willpower come back, intuition strengthens and passions are found or come back again. People no longer feel cut off from life and their surroundings and the balance is back. People feel Love ♡ again for themselves and Love ♡ for Life. When the Soul heals, Spirit and Body heals with.