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Here is an update about my experiences with and after my third Kambo ceremony with the wonderful Shaman Energetic Healer in Amsterdam, Chantal from Tal-Tao. Up until now, after the third ceremony I can say it was the most profound experience so far of all 3, yesterday she put 8 pieces of Kambo on my arm and at applying the first I felt it coming up already, by the time the 8th was on my arm I was feeling hot, flames came out of my throat, neck, head grew in size my intestines started to hurt and it was terrible, went to the toilet and had a lot of watery stuff I will not share more detail about, and threw up yellow/green fluids... Terrible, was feeling so sick never before that ill and miserable. But as soon as it came up, it went away too.... A very cleaning experience, I got rid of stuff I did not realize that was in me... Now, the day after, I feel energized, fresh, sharp mind clear focus. Amazing, it is indeed as people describe: like a hard reset. I feel just GREAT!!! Nature provides medicine for every 'problem', Kambo is certainly a very powerful one of them. I am grateful I met Chantal and the magic she provides!

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Mark S

I’ve done a second Kambo ceremony at TalTao practice with Chantal together with a good friend. The first session was different then the second. The first session was quite intense and emotional for me because Chantal released some very personal spirits / entities around me. This process set me free in a way but also had an impact on the first Kambo ceremony. I felt some emotional blockades which made it difficult to purge. After a while I finally was able to purge and felt relieved afterwards. The purge was quite black that indicates my liver needed a deep detox. After the first session I was quite tired and slept very well. The next day I felt fresh, energetic with a clear mind. The weeks after I slept so deep with very interesting dreams. Before Kambo I had serious sleep problems. The second Kambo ceremony was intense as well. Instead of 5 dots I had now 7 dots. After the Kambo was put on the dots I instantly felt Kambo was scanning my body. The medicine went straight to my liver, my stomach, my head, and eyes. I felt horrible but in a good way, Kambo was doing his job. After a while I had to purge, which was more easier than the first time. I guess because I solved some emotional blockades from the first session. After the purge I felt great, energetic and again my mind was sharper. The night after I slept very well. Kambo works in mysterious ways which makes me humble in many ways. Kambo is still calling me and I will continue with Kambo. The Kambo story will continue and I am very grateful for Chantal who is able to create a very safe environment, with trust, peace and experience. The atmosphere let you be yourself which is very important to do a Kambo ceremony.

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I am so happy that I stumbled upon Chantal her website and that I have met her. The Kambo ceremonies that I received thus far were sensational. Very heavy, but Chantal looks after you and knows a lot about the medicine, which makes me feel really save. Also, because Chantal is a very good healer. She works with spirits and she is able to help you get rid of any negative energies in and around you. You really notice the difference, when you walk in at her practice and when you leave. You’ll feel so much lighter, happier and more at ease. Not just when you leave the practice, but weeks after the ceremonie too. For example, I noticed much more focus and less stress.

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Chantal G

I can recommend Chantal to everyone who wants to get a Kambo treatment. I felt perfectly guided and helped during the ceremony and understood in first place. She is very kind and professional at the same time. Thanks a lot for your help, openness and Knowledge and time you shared. See you again 🖤🌿🌿

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Julia Derigs

Here I got to know Kambo. My Body and Mind have gone through hell to let go of the past. With the result that I can be whole and be one with who I am. This Beautiful Soul Chantal van Merode has guided me so well through this intense process, I trust her with my life. And I will certainly not say that so easily about a person : ) I can spend hours typing about this experience and sharing how it was for me. That cannot be explained. Thank you Kambo🐸 & Chantal, my deepest respect for your work.

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Naomi Seymonson

After being ill for a year from Pfeiffer's disease and tried almost everything, I found Chantal on internet.After only 1 kambo session I immediately noticed improvement in my body but also mentally. After a few weeks I got back my energy level and I felt a lot better.I have experienced the treatment at Chantal very pleasantly, you immediately notice that you are in good hands.

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