Rapé, Sjamanistische Snuff

This patient suffered from terrible cluster headache for years which was also related with a chonic cold and a swollen and red eye. He only could sleep while sitting because he couldn’t breath normally. His whole nasal area was blocked. After 5 acupuncture treatments with an AcuGraph measurement and 3 rapé plant medicine treatments the cluster headache is gone and he can breathe and sleep normally. He gets more insights and is feeling much happier. He also had pain and cramp in his legs and he needed bandages which made it able for him to walk better. After the acupuncture treatments and the right lifestyle and supplements advice he now walks without bandages and pain free. His eye is normal now and he can focus again on his amazing passion as a artist. Rapé is a plant based medicine which clears and opens the whole nasal area. It improves grounding and balance your left and right brain. It also balance all the chakras and it’s clears the whole nasal area. It clears your mind from negative and repeating thoughts. I have a lot of clients in my practice who have chonic cold problems and problems with breathing and sleeping normally. Rapé really helps to open up the whole nasal areas and it also will activate to open your third eye.

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