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Rapé is a sacred Amazonian plant medicine with a healing and purifying effect. It detoxifies the body and the mind and helps remove negative energies, bacteria, and fungi from the nasal area. It balances the left and right brain halves and your chakras. Rapé opens your mind, third eye, and heart chakra, but it also has a grounding effect that strengthens the focus, presence, and intuition. Rapé has been used by indigenous tribes for thousands of years. The main component is tobacco together with many other healing plants, herbs, and seeds. Each Tribe has its own Rapé and different function. It is blown with a pipe in both nostrils. This rapé is handmade by the Apurina tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. It is a very rare and unique mix that does not contain any tobacco. Apurina Floresta can only be made in the Amazon’s dry season because of the use of unique and special plants that grow alongside the river beds during the dry season. Apurina ‘is not heated or fermented and can therefore be considered as a raw, living rapé which makes it a rather unique and special mix. It can be mixed with other rapés, which will result in a beautiful alchemy mix from the forest. The effects are mild and gentle cleansing with beautiful aromas and scents from the forest, which will transport you immediately to the magic of the Amazon forest. It lets you experience a fresh, light, clear and increased state of consciousness in mind and body. It is a secret mix of medicinal plants from the jungle and it is tobacco-free. Rapés that do not contain tobacco are very soft in comparison. Apurina is deeply connected to the fearful plants and tree spirits of the forest. It brings peace and clarity, it will help you earth and will strengthen your focus and presence. Great for gentle and profound meditation with Mother Earth. It is recommended to use Apurina outdoors in nature.