Kambo microdosing ceremony Saturday 27 May


Kambo microdosing ceremony Saturday 27 May 2023.
What is the difference between a Traditional Kambo ceremony and microdosing Kambo? With a Traditional Kambo session you drink at least 1.5 liters of water beforehand.
Because we work with the Fire and Water elements and Spirits, Kambo the fire medicine ensures that your body becomes one degree warmer and therefore all toxins
can work out through a purch or through the intestines through the water.
With microdosing we don’t drink water, you get one dot of Kambo served every 20 minutes which is a very gentle experience.
You just sit with the medicine and it will come out later through the intestines.
In the same way, you still benefit from all the incredible powerful peptides of this Magical, Powerful Giant Treefrog Kambo.

The preparations for a Kambo microdosing ceremony remains the same, these can all be found on my website. www.taltao-acupunctuur.nl
Registrations and/or more information send an email to “info@taltao-acupunctuur.nl or
call me at +31628417444. Maximum of 5 people, we start at 10am
This is only for people who have experience Kambo several times before.

We See You Soon 🐸
“the Spiritual Doctors”
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