Energetische reset

An Energetic Shower ✨

Do you feel overwelmed and have an overload of a heavy dense negative energy arround you? Do you have thoughts, “I am not myself.” “This is not me., these are not my thoughts or my pains” Or do you get sudden physical changes and symptoms that cannot be explained? Do you feel hunted, agitated, restless, depressed, anxious and uncomfortable or do you have sudden palpitations? Do you feel stuck or can not progress, or are you inexplicably tired. You don’t feel comfortable in your house or bedroom and therefore have sleepless nights? This can be an indication of Spirit Attachment. An attachment of an entity in your energy field is a disruption of your balance and health. On a physical or unconscious level, it is much more common than you realize. They can lift with you for years because in the other dimension there is no time. When we talk about an energy in your energy field, they can be benevolent in nature, or they want to serve a personal need, they can be neutral or even evil in nature. We have nature-bound spirits of deceased people or lost souls, dark creatures, extraterrestrials and forms of thought (either created by yourself or sent by someone else). Dark force entities, lost Souls or others can change, control and manipulate your thoughts. and emotions. The attached entity is function within the level of the subconscious mind of the host. The urges, attitudes, likes and dislikes, appetites and behaviors of the entity seem to blend with the client’s own. Mostly they come in groups, if there is one more are coming. You have negative thoughts about yourself because of imprints, old programs or believes. We can purify that load of energy out of your energy field in all your original thirteen bodies. Spirit and your higher self will show me which programs should be cleared.

With my own rituals, I bring these negative entities or wandering souls or other disruptive entities directly to the light or there where they should be. During the removal of these energies in the Akashic records some people immediately feel a change in their physical body or in their thoughts. Others may feel a change over the course of days or weeks. Sometimes more than one session is needed because spirits can leave the host / person, the house or even the country or hide when they feel my presence.
When they are gone I will learn you how to keep them away, we will dig deep why they attached. Mostly they seek the same frequency and when there are wholes in your auric field because of trauma they can hook on and feed of your energy. Lost Souls are also traumatized and especially in this time when people suddenly die they don’t even know that they are dead and therefore can’t find the light or don’t want to go to the light. I will learn you how you can communicate with your higher self and guides and the light beings who are there to help us, guide us, heal us and to protect us.. Spiritual Response sessions can be booked by email to info@taltao-acupunctuur.nl with your phone number. After we spoke then I will know if we can book an session.
Tal Tao 🌀
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