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Soul purifications to Uplift Your Soul

With Spiritual Response I have access to the Akashic Records.

I connect with Spirit and with my Higher Self

and my Higher Self committees and the Client’s Higher Self

where we can search for obstructing energies in your Soul archive (Soul records)

detect them and purify them.

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Energy flows where attention goes

When you change the field the energy will change

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Spiritual Response & Spirit Releasement 


Clear and Purify your Soul records


Do you have thought, “I am not myself.”  “This is not me.”

Thoughts that are not yours, or do you get sudden physical changes, extreme pain,

extreme emotions and symptoms that cannot be explained?

Do you feel hunted, agitated, restless, anxious, uncomfortable or do you have sudden palpitations?  

Can you not progress, or are you inexplicably tired or are you not comfortable in your home or bedroom for example.

Do you have sleepless nights?

This can be an indication of Spirit Attachment.


An attachment of an entity in your energy field is a disruption of your balance and health.

On a physical or unconscious level, it is much more common than you realize.

When we talk about an energy in your energy field,

they can be benevolent in nature, or they want to serve a personal need, they can be neutral and even evil in nature.

Most adhered entities fall into one of four different categories: nature-bound spirits of deceased people or lost souls, dark creatures,

extraterrestrials and forms of thought (either created by you or sent by someone else).

Dark force entities, Lost Souls or others can change or manipulate or even control your thoughts. 

We cannot see the parasites, bacteria and viruses that we have in our body.

It’s the same with energetic parasites, bacteria, and viruses that we can’t see and that can settle in all the bodies we have.

We know the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

But besides these bodies we have many more energetic bodies such as e.g. the Spirit body, the Spiritual body,

the Etheric body, the Astral body, the I am body and much more.

Also the bodies that are already there evolutionarily but are not even known on earth yet but in Spirit world, which is far ahead.

We can purfy them.



You are lost and really not yourself. But there is always a reason why people get Spirit attachments

and it is important to find and remove the root of the problem as well.

Disruptive and negative programs, imprints, believes, contracts, vows and more will be and purified in multiple lifetimes.



With different rituals that I have made my own with Spirit and my team in Spirit World, we bring those negative entities

or wandering souls or other disruptive entities directly to the light or there where they suppose to be to learn further in their process.

Everything will be purified in Divine order. Divine and the Spirit World always decides.

During the removal of these energies, people immediately feel a change in their physical body or in their thoughts.

Others may feel a change over the course of days or weeks.

Sometimes more than one session is needed because sometimes the entities leave the host / person,

the house or the country or hide when they feel my presence. 


Spiritual Response Therapy
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