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During the first consult, which lasts about an hour, we take an extensive interview to see what symptoms you have and when and how they arose and worsens. It will ask eating, drinking and living habits, sleeping, menstrual cycle, pain and other details such as your emotions. This is all necessary to get a good understanding of the nature of the disturbance. In addition, the pulse is felt (pulse diagnosis) and watched the tongue (tongue diagnosis).


After a physical examination we get an idea of where the problems are and at what stage. Pooled information obtained is brought to a TCM diagnosis. There will always be viewed and discussed whether lifestyle advice is given by means exercise, nutrition or herbal advice or a referral to exclude certain unexplained symptoms.


The wrist provides detailed information on the state of the Yin organs and Yang organs. And it reflects the whole of yin and yang, blood in terms of quality,quantity and distribution. The wrist is felt at three positions per wrist andat three different levels (depths); superficial, middle and deep on each side.Someone with a physically demanding profession usually has a stronger pulsethan someone with more mental occupation. The male wrist is generally strongerthan what the female wrist. For example, a child has a faster pulse than anadult. Eating and drinking habits, or the use of medication have an influenceon the wrist. And someone who exercise regularly have a slower heart rate andtherefore a slower pulse. In the winter, for example, the pulse falls back to adeeper level, while the wrist will be more superficial in the summer. Thedifference of energy in the upper body, middle body or lower body is also feltin the wrist.

The tongue diagnosis is one of the most important diagnostic methods in Chinese medicine. The beauty of the tongue diagnosis lies in its simplicity and its immediate usefulness, even in a complex disorder full of contradictions clarified the examination of the tongue immediately the primary pathological process. Patients are not only for treatment of their meridians, but they want to know why they are sick and / or why they have certain symptoms. And what influence can have a diet on their condition. The tongue diagnosis provided on all clinical aspects valuable information for treatment with acupuncture. From the beginning, the Chinese medicine gives special attention to the appearance and behavior of the patient. She always has the appearance aspect viewed as a reflection of internal processes. The diagnosis by inspection of the tongue is a very important aspect.

First consultation €90 which lasts max. 1.5 hours.

An AcuGraph meridians is measured with every treatment.


First consultation with AcuGraph and Laserneedle acupuncture €90 which lasts max. 1.5 hours.

Follow-up treatments cost €90*


With every treatment you will receive acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs advice if necessary. I use the “Master Guo’s Body Space Herbs” from Dr. Master Sha


Follow-up treatments are €90 and last a maximum of 1 hour. A very extensive conversation is no longer necessary. However, the most important changes and complaints are of course discussed.


“Treatments of 1.5 hours cost €100”


-Abdominal acupuncture €100

-Ear acupuncture €80

-Acupuncture in combination electro acupuncture €90-

-Laser and ear acupuncture for children €75


Acugraph measurement, treatment and cupping €120


Curious about a digital meridians measurement? AcuGraph meridian measurement €50, explanation and digital measurement is always sent by email.


Energetic Treatments & Shamanic Healing;“Spirit Releasment and Spiritual Response Therapy”, TAO Healing Hands Blessings & Kambo


TAO Healing Hands Blessings/Healings, one blessing €75, two blessings €100, maximum three blessings at a time €150

TAO Healing hands for animals €50


Spiritual Response therapy: for an hour €120 in practice and for an hour and a half €175–

Spiritual Response therapy via Skype for an hour costs €125 and for an hour and a half €180

Spiritual Response therapy can also be done remotely. Remotely is often for children or animals.


Private Kambo ceremony €160 takes about 2 hours.

Private ceremony of max. 2 persons €125 p/p.A group ceremony costs €110 p/p and takes about 3 hours max.


TAL TAO TCM Training Institute.Seminar costs €222 per day, including unlimited food and drinks throughout the day.


I always work with an early bird discount so keep an eye on my website, blogs, facebook, instagram and twitter.


All amounts include VAT. I work by appointment. In other words, if you are unable to attend, you must cancel or reschedule the appointment 24 hours in advance. By phone or email, I do not use WhatsApp for my clients. If you cancel within 24 hours, I am forced to pass on 75% of the costs. If you do not get me on the phone, you can always leave a message or email me on time via

The fees are partially reimbursed by almost all health insurers
Member of the NVTCG ZHONG. ZHONG is a Dutch Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is a national professional association for professional (minimum HBO) TCM-trained therapists. Zhong hosts therapists with the following disciplines: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina, dietetics, Qigong, Tai Ji Quan, ect. Licence. Zhong: 2014056 umbrella association: RBCZ / TCZ RBCZ License Number: 519014R AGB code healthcare: 90.05959 million AGB code practice: Commercial 90,059,591 61,830,925 Payments made in cash then you will receive a (digital) receipt. Appointments can be canceled free 24 hours before the treatment.



Acupuncture is an ancient and living frequently used medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a holistic approach to man where there should be a balance in body, mind and soul and a free flow of vital energy through the subtle energy channels of the body. When acupuncture is punctured with thin needles at certain points. This allows energy (either called Qi) flow freely thus reducing symptoms or disappear. In an acupuncture treatment one feels a sensation that is often defined by the thin needle prick as appearance, small current sensation, or warmth sensation of heaviness starting from an acupuncture point and radiating in the course of the meridian.


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Cupping are glass balls, which is inserted by lighted alcohol-soaked cotton wool and is held a few seconds in the glass. The oxygen is burned in the glass and create a vacuum. There is also cupping without fire which works anywhere and can be massaged with. The suction effect of the cups on the skin has a stimulating function: blood, Qi and body fluids are activated, thus reducing local blockages. The underlying area is extremely well supplied with blood and by reflex action is the underlying muscle relaxation area. After treatment there are big round red or purple spots visible on the spot where cups stood.



Laser acupuncture is an integration of the traditional mindset of TCM and modern Western techniques. It is based on the same principles as traditional acupuncture. The acupuncture points are not pricked with needles but optically stimulated with “laser needles” Laser needles light also works at the cellular level. This process is also called phototherapy or photo-bio modulation. The laser sends out a concentrated amount of photons (light particles) in the tissue. The cells absorb photons and convert them into biochemical energy. By interaction with each cell is stimulated to heal itself. The effectiveness of laser acupuncture is scientifically proven. Safe to use, patient-friendly, painless and without side effects.


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Auriculotherapy or ear acupuncture are small thin acupuncture needles punctured in the ear. It is especially very successful in pain management, muscle headache, complaints of back, neck and shoulder support with weight loss and smoking cessation. The detected disturbance can also be treated with laseraccupuncture. One can also get stay small needles with them that are taped off. Thus, one can therefore handle even more efficient.



Tuina is a therapeutic massage form, it literally means “press and rub” (tui = push, na = wrijf). Tuina consists of a large variety of different massage techniques that are performed on the body, and in addition, highly effective manipulation techniques that can be applied to different parts of the body. As with acupuncture you work on meridians (energy pathways that run through our entire body) and acupuncture points (points on these energy lines, each with a specific action on the energy in the body).


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Electro acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture is a form of therapy which is placed an electric current to the acupuncture needles. This electrical stimulation increases the effect of acupuncture. All kinds of pain (headaches, back-and neck pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, ect.) Is the best indication area for Electro Acupuncture.


Abdominale acupuncture

The application of abdominal acupuncture either bulk-acupuncture for the treatment of disease, the harmonization of the meridians, and the strengthening of the your original energy. Which is based on ancient theories of Taoism, TCM, the Ba Gua and the five elements. The technique of abdominal acupuncture is based on the system of balancing the belly button as the central core.


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