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Finally we had so many requests and interest for an AcuGraph seminar and we have VERY GOOD news, we have a date for the next two days AcuGraph seminar in the Netherlands.

After more than three years Dr. Adrian Larsen is coming back to teach us the last amazing skills about AcuGraph

Set the date for Saturday 12 November and Sunday 13 November 2022

For all my colleagues who dream about an AcuGraph this is your change. And you will meet so many AcuGraph lovers from all over the world with whom we can share our passion and experiences.

More information will follow as soon as possible and wll be online..

TALTAO Traditional Chinese Medicine training institute

See you all soon, can’t wait to meet you all 🤍

For more information or a registrations send me an email.



Protocol Jaw Pain and Pain control. Patient woman of 47 who gain a lot of weight after an allergic reaction from a amalgam filling. She had a lot of pain in her jaws and teeth. Also her glands behind her jaws are swollen for a long time. Her body is fighting an inflammation. Two points I also used are the Pain control dental analgesia 1 and dental analgesia 2. And Shen Men, Shen Men is also known as Divine Gate, is so powerful that it treats almost everything– stress, anxiety, depression, inflammatory diseases. Other points in her ear I treat with electro-acupuncture with the Stimpluspro.

She felt a reaction right away, the color in her face came back. 



The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious 💛 “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”

Can you feel it too? Silence before the storm. There is a positive movement in the Morphogenetic Field.

In a little while we can reopen our acupuncture practice and we will be very busy. Do you want to enrich your acupuncture practice?

Are you interested in an AcuGraph system where your client can watch the distribution of his or her Qi in all meridians with you?

Or lease a Laserneedle touch? Send an email to

As soon as it can, a Laserneedle live seminar will be arranged in Amsterdam with one of the top German Laserneedle teachers.

And hopefully we can also plan an AcuGraph seminar soon.

Keep an eye on my website  “The healing of the future” #wakingupin5D




With Spiritual Response Therapy I connect with the Divine, my Higher Self, my Higher Self committees and the Higher Self/Higher Self committees of the client where we can detect and purify obstructing energies from your soul records (Akasha records).

For more information about Soul Purification look under treatments “Spiritual Response Therapy”



Those who really want to be positive in life are open to both the negative and the positive.

Both are equal and have their function. This is a development, a learning process.

This goes at the same time as unlearning our natural tendency to separate things from each other. Zhuang Zi says:

Practice unity in every will movement. You should not listen with the ears but with the mind.

And not with the mind, but with the Spirit. Leave the work of the mind to the Spirit.

When the Soul is still and without images, it is open and can receive. In the open Soul TAO can descend.

Then the passionate embrace or rejection turns into calm acceptance;

The giving and receiving will take place without preference or disapproval;

Then the acquiring knowledge and wanting to be transformed will be in surrender to TAO


Wie echt positief in het leven wilt staan, staat open voor zowel het negatieve als het positieve.
Beiden zijn evenwaardig en hebben hun functie. Dit is een ontwikkeling, een leerproces.
Dit gaat gelijk op met het afleren van onze natuurlijke neiging om de dingen van elkaar te scheiden. Zhuang Zi zegt:

Oefen eenheid in elk wilsbeweging. Niet met de oren moet u luistern maar met het verstand.
En niet met het verstand, maar met de geest. Laat de arbeid van het verstand voor het verstand.
Wanneer de Ziel stil is en zonder beelden, dan is zij open en kan ontvangen. In de open Ziel kan TAO neerdalen.

Dan verandert het hartstochtelijke omarmen of verwerpen in kalme aanvaarding;
vinden het geven en nemen plaats zonder voorkeur of afkeur;
wordt het kennis vergaren en willen getransformeerd tot een overgave aan TAO