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Prices Tal Tao treatments 




First consultation €90 with a combination with laser acupuncture takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.


An AcuGraph meridian measurement is done with each treatment.


* With every treatment if necessary, I use ear acupuncture needles and Chinese herbal advice.

I use the “Dr. Guo’s Body Space Herbs” by Dr. Master Sha


“Follow up treatments are €90 with laser acupuncure and without €80 and last max 1 hour.

A very extensive and long conversation is no longer necessary.

However, the most important changes and complaints are of course discussed.

“Treatments of 1,5 hour cost €100”


-Abdominal acupuncture €100

-Ooracupuncture €80

-Acupuncture i.c.m. electro acupuncture €90

Laser and ear acupuncture for children €65

-Cupping €80


-Acugraph measurement, treatment and cupping €120


Curious about a digital meridian measurement? AcuGraph meridians measurement cost €50,

explanation and digital measurement is always sent by email.


Energetic healing €100

* Energetic treatments are Shamanic healings; “Extraction, Soul Retrieval & Psycho Pump,

Cordpulling, Spirit Releasement therapy, Aura & Chakra healing and Kambo healing.


Spirit Releasement therapy: between €90 and €120

Spirit Releasement through Skype €100


House cleaning between €350 and €750, only if I have permission


Private Kambo ceremony €120 takes about 3 hours.


Recommended when you undergo a Kambo healing for the first time. In groups costs €90 p/p

more information of the different prices on my Kambo Ceremony page 

Rapé; Shamanistic Snuff medicine €12


TAL TAO TCM Training Institute.

Seminar costs per day €180, including food and drinks unlimited throughout the day.


I always work with an early bird discount so keep an eye on my website, blogs, facebook, instagram and twitter.

All amounts include VAT. I work by appointment.


In other words, if you are unable to come, you must cancel the appointment 24 hours

in advance or make a new appointment.