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Chakra- and Aurahealing

“The Buddha said the body is an Eye, in a state of stillness we are the seer and the seen. We are the Universe aware of itself”   The word Chakras is Sankriet for ‘Wheel’. Each Chakra is a lotus a Yantra a cycle of physiological center from which the world can be experienced. A yantra is a visual aid in meditations and always works together with a mantra. The mantra is the sound of the symbol and the Yantra is the symbolic representation of a sound. The Chakra’s feed themselves with energy from our surrounding force field and this energy is transported to the body with the associated Chakra. Chakras are, as it were, a kind of power plants that look like a wheel and that causes the energy to come where it should be. The chakras are essential for the proper functioning of the organs and therefore extremely important for our whole wellbeing. A logical consequence is, of course, that if a chakra does not function properly, a chakra is unable to absorb energy from the surrounding force field, resulting in a sub-activity of the relevant organs. And too much energy can cause overproduction which gives diseases an easier time. Because there is a wrong energy exchange, there is first an energetic disharmony before it becomes noticeable on the physical level. If one does not function properly, it also affects all other chakras because the energy cannot flow freely through all other energy centras.

Each Chakra corresponds to a certain color and is connected to one of the 7 layers of the Chakra and vibrates with a certain frequency. The seventh chakra has the highest vibration level and the first chakra (root or basic chakra) has the lowest vibration level. Each Chakra also corresponds to an endocrine gland. By working with the chakras, the functioning of the endocrine glands can often be improved. They are glands that produce hormones that affect other body cells. Hormones largely regulate the biological processes in the body. Chakras also correspond to a place in the body, element, sense (thinking is also a sensory, we are so embarrassed by thinking that we do not agree that it is also a sensory), an emotion, affirmation or mantra ( sound) A mantra has a certain vibration that enables you to stimulate the particular Chakras. At each Chakra, certain physical or mental complaints are caused by malfunction. There are several exercises for each activation of a Chakra. The most important Endocrine Glands are shown here:
  • Pituitary

  • Thyroid

  • Parathyroid Glands

  • Part of the Pancreas

  • Adrenal Cortex and Adrenal Gland

  • Sex Glands (Ovaries, Testes)

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An Example: The Root Chakra

Every blockade in the area of ​​the Carrot Chakra distorts the relationship with the earth and nature. The ever-increasing technological advances lead to the fact that man alienates more and more of its natural origin. A lack of energy, fear, powerlessness, depression, no initiative, insecurity and little faith in life are the result of a weakened first chakra. But also an ongoing struggle to survive, an excessive materialist setting, greed and selfishness. Physical signs of poor functioning are: bowel complaints, constipation, hemorrhoids, sciatica, lumbar pain, vomiting, bladder and kidney problems, prostate complaints, bone disease, anemia, fluctuating blood pressure. When working at the first chakra one will become more aware of his body. If the energy in the Root Chakra flows better, you become steadier, calmer and get some kind of trust in the path of your life. The first Chakra delivers energy to the large intestine, the bones, the legs and the feet. Furthermore, the quality of the blood and the hip nerve is also influenced by the first Chakra. Another example:  The sixth chakra in the aria of the pineal gland get activities by Kundalini energy and from there you can see your one inner light, your true self, your soul, which are the evolutionary functions.

While many Oriental traditions assume that all chakras are in the body, the Laikas believe that there are two other Chakras that reach far beyond our body: The Soul-chakra and the Spirit-chakra.