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A message from Dr. Kimberly Thompson… 
Hello Friends!
I’m excited to return to Amsterdam this fall—LIVE and in person.
It’s been way too long, and I miss you.               
You are not going to want to miss this incredible opportunity.
Save the date! 
November 4-5, 2023 This year in Amsterdam, our theme is:  
The Secret Sauce to Successful Treatment of “Medical Lost Causes” 
Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect throughout the weekend: 
1. AcuGraph: A Modern Diagnostic Tool that Makes Sense
2. Patient Education: The First Visit and Beyond
3. Acupuncture Channel Theory: The Secret Sauce to Successful Treatment
of “Medical Lost Causes”
4. Technology and Tools: Practical Resources to Up-level
Your Skillset and Expedite your Treatment Results 
Every acupuncturist evolves over the years.
I doubt that you are treating exactly the same as you were when
you graduated college.
The same is true with me. My clinic has evolved, A lot! 
I’m excited to teach you how to utilize
the power of AcuGraph at a whole new level! 
Talk to you soon, Dr. Kimberly 





Ask me about a discount, we have two weeks to go before our AcuGraph seminar. We have some seats left

During this training, Dr. Adrian Larsen is going to give you a paradigm-shift with a primary focus on meridian therapy as a root treatment via electronic digital meridian analysis,

with a secondary, multi-faceted approach to branch treatment to expedite your treatment results.

We’ll cover everything from auriculotherapy to electroacupuncture to meridian graphing to laser acupuncture.



Finally we had so many requests and interest for an AcuGraph seminar and we have VERY GOOD news, we have a date for the next two days AcuGraph seminar in the Netherlands.

After more than three years Dr. Adrian Larsen is coming back to teach us the last amazing skills about AcuGraph

Set the date for Saturday 12 November and Sunday 13 November 2022

For all my colleagues who dream about an AcuGraph this is your change. And you will meet so many AcuGraph lovers from all over the world with whom we can share our passion and experiences.

More information will follow as soon as possible and will be online..

TALTAO Traditional Chinese Medicine training institute

See you all soon, can’t wait to meet you all 🤍

For more information or a registrations send me an email.



Het mooiste dat we kunnen ervaren, is het mysterieuze 💛 “Het honderd-apeneffect”

Voelen jullie het ook? Stilte voor de storm. Er is een positieve beweging in het Morfogenetisch veld. Nog even en we kunnen onze acupunctuur praktijk weer openen en we gaan het héél druk krijgen.

Wil je jouw acupunctuur praktijk verrijken?

Ben je geïnteresseerd in een AcuGraph systeem waarbij jouw cliënt met je mee kan meekijken naar de verdeling van zijn of haar Qi in alle meridianen. Of een Laserneedle touch leasen? Stuur een e-mail naar

Zodra het weer kan komt er een Laserneedle live seminar aan in Amsterdam met een van de top Duitse Laserneedle leraren. En hopelijk kunnen we ook weer snel een AcuGraph seminar plannen.

Hou mijn website in de gaten.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious 💛 “The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”

Can you feel it too? Silence before the storm. There is a positive movement in the Morphogenetic Field. In a little while we can reopen our acupuncture practice and we will be very busy. Do you want to enrich your acupuncture practice?

Are you interested in an AcuGraph system where your client can watch the distribution of his or her Qi in all meridians with you? Or lease a Laserneedle touch? Send an email to

As soon as it can, a Laserneedle live seminar will be arranged in Amsterdam with one of the top German Laserneedle teachers. And hopefully we can also plan an AcuGraph seminar soon.

Keep an eye on my website  “The healing of the future” #wakingupin5D


Dit jaar was het eerste jaar dat we een driedaags AcuGraph seminar hadden door het grote succes.  We hebben veel nieuwe gebruikers en gevorderde gebruikers vandaag dat we drie dagen hebben zodat de gevorderde niet weer alle beginner stof weer moeten doorlopen. Hou onze website, Facebook,21 Instagram, Linkedin en Twitter in de gaten voor het AcuGraph seminar 2020 Voor meer vragen en informatie kan je e-mailen naar

Data AcuGraph seminar 2019 BEKEND. Dit jaar zal het een drie daagse seminar zijn op 20, 21 en 22 september met onze geweldige lerares Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Thompson​. Alle inhoud van het seminar en alle andere informatie zal volgende week online staan. “Save the date” we kijken erna uit jullie allemaal weer te zien ♡ Data AcuGraph seminar 2019 announced. This year it will be a three-day seminar on 20, 21 and 22 September. With our amazing teacher Dr. Kimberly Thompson. All the content of the seminar and all other information will be online next week. “Save the date” We love to see you all again ♡

I ♡ books and sharing wisdom and healing secrets. New seminars Tal Tao training institute 2019 will be soon announced.
Keep an eye on my website. This year we have more different subjects. We have spirituality courses, Shamanism, Chinese food and herbs
and ofcourse AcuGraph. If you want more information please sent an e-mail to
⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️⚪️⚪️ Nieuwe bijscholingen Tal Tao 2019 binnenkort bekend. Hou mijn website in de gaten…
Dit jaar meer diverse onderwerpen, spiritualiteit cursussen , Sjamanisme, Chinese voedingsleer en kruiden en natuurlijk AcuGraph.
Voor meer informatie stuur een e-mail naar


To be an international speaker at the Herbal and Chinese medicine Conference in Dubai
was really an experience. I talked about acupuncture, AcuGraph, my Shamanic healings
and Kambo. I met so many amazing people,…. My first time in Dubai will be definitely not my last time. #taltao #taltaotcmtrainingsinstitute #acupuncture #shamanichealings #spiritreleasement #kambo #kamboceremonie #kamboceremonieamsterdam #amsterdam #dubai