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Protocol insomnia brain abdominal acupuncture ( magic turtle ) works.

Chronic sleeping problems for 10 years and longer, patiënt didn’t sleep at all, it start when she was 47.
Sometimes she slept for 3 hours or less the whole night or not at all for years. She tried everything.
Then she got very sick because she worked fulltime and went on with her work but couldn’t sleep.
She got Graves’ disease and was very ill. After a year recovering and 15 weeks of prednisone she was back.
But the insomnia didn’t go away. With abdominale acupuncture there was a difference and a positive change after the first treatment.
This was last year and she slept since years for 6 months normal and the whole night. I ad Spleen 6 and heart 7.
Also the Shen men point and Pineal gland point in the ear to stimulate the producing of melatonin.
The end of the year 2017 suddenly the insomnia came back and now after 6 treatment she is sleeping again in little pieces but she is sleeping the whole night.

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My dear acupuncture colleagues from all over  Europe. Tal Tao TCM trainings institute will pronounce the dates and content of the third AcuGraph seminar in Amsterdam. 

BIG SURPRISE….. Kimberly Thompson from @miridia_technology US Idaho is coming to the Netherlands on 7 and 8 September this year in Amsterdam. After the two previous successes we will continue for our AcuGraph lovers. 

The content of the seminar  The Big Picture

Most practitioners were taught TCM as the foundation of Chinese medicine. You will be introduced to a paradigm shift with a primary focus on meridian therapy as a root treatment via electronic digital meridian analysis, with a secondary multi-faceted approach to branch treatment to expedite your treatment results. 

Choosing an Effective Treatment

You will learn how to develop your OWN unique style of treatment under the paradigm of electronic diagnostics of meridian imbalances. As you expand your two-step treatment approach you will find that there are many strategies for balancing a graph, and there are many tools for treating a chief complaint. The key is finding the strategies that work best for YOU on any given day in the clinic.  A Deeper Look at Emotions

Kimberly will teach you strategies to diagnose and treat your most difficult patients with a look deeper into underlying emotional imbalances seen through graph analysis. You will learn practical skills for helping your patients make an emotional shift so they can heal at higher levels. 

More information on my website, link in bio. You can sign up through my website and before 8 June with a early booking discount. Check 

If you want to learn from the best and maybe also want to experience Amsterdam, ♡ You better not miss this seminar ♡ #taltao #taltaoacupuncture #taltaoacupunctuur #acugraph #acupuncture #miridia #tcmseminar #tcm #masterteacher #sharingwisdom