꧁ Happy ♡ Magical ♡ New Year ꧂

This is the Beginning of Everything you want. “Those who don’t believe in Magic will never find it” …..
Work Smart, Dream Big and Trust the Universe.

Happy Magical New Year ♡ TAL TAO ♡ #begrateful. 

AMAZING a short story of some of the pictures L♡VE it ♡


Chukchi beliefs and practices are best described as a form of shamanism.
Animals, plants, heavenly bodies, rivers, forests and other natural phenomena are all considered to have their own spirits.
During their rituals, Chukchi shamans fall into trances (sometimes with the aid of hallucinogenic mushrooms),
communicate with the spirits, allow the spirits to speak through them, predict the future, and cast spells of various kind.


Islam was brought to the ancestors of the Kazakhs in the 8th century. Most Kazakhs are Sunni Muslims,
who more often than not continue to believe in pre-Islamic cults of the sky, the ancestors, fire and the supernatural forces of good and
evil spirits, of giants and wood goblins


The indigenous Persian women have practiced tattooing for decorative, religious and therapeutic purposes.
Traditional patterns (Trajuva) are passed down through the generations.
The female elders of the tribe women still work as tattoo artists at fairs, festivals and markets where the Rabari gather to trade their goods. 
Nearly all surfaces of the body are tattooed.

by Jimmy Nelson

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