♡Energy has to flow♡

Anger affects the Liver,

Joy is affecting the Heart, worry affecting the Lungs and Spleen.
Pensiveness is effecting the Spleen ad sadness is affecting the Lungs and Heart.
Fear is affecting the Kidney. Shock is affecting the Kidney and the Heart.
When the five Yin Organs are effected due to the emotions, the essence (Jing ) is lost, the Eternal Soul
(Hun) belongs to the Liver and the Corporeal Soul (Po) belongs to the Lungs are scattered.
The Willpower (Zhi ) belongs to the Kidneys and the Intellect (Yi ) belongs to the Spleen are chaotic and the person lacks wisdom and reflection:

Why is that” Heaven bestows us Virtue (De) and Earth bestows us Qi. When Virtue flows and Qi pulsates, there is life.

When the two essence ( Yin Yang, Female, Male ) unite, the Mind comes into being.

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