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My Story

Early in my life I began collecting books on medicine, food, herbs, esotorie,spirituality, auras and chakras, meditation and various healing techniquesamong others. This was before I got a lot of physical problems. Constant painwhich were diverse and very varied in nature that were called wheninexplicable. After an accident 18 years ago they arise. It has been a longsearch why my complaints don’t reduce. These complaints were in positionbecause I then, turned out, had suffered PTSD. Auricular therapy was thesolution for me. In this quest I started the five-year course Integrationmedicine acupuncture to Hwa To University of TCM.

 I started to study further in PTSD and auricular therapy during my thesis. I traveled to China and I have an internship in Beijing in the Traditional MedicineTraining Centre or WFAS. Here I have followed several different classes andwalked with numerous Chinese doctors in five different hospitals. I learned alot about how the various techniques of medicine are applied in China. I’vebecome very interested in living and thinking of the Chinese and therebyTaoism. A lifestyle that keeps you healthy, make more conscious and happier.

Acupuncture is an ancient and widely used medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a holistic approach where there should be a balance in body, mind and soul and a free flow of vital energy through the fine-material energy pathways of the body. When acupuncture is punctured with small thin needles at specific points. This allows energy (either called Qi) flow freely thus reducing symptoms or disappear. In an acupuncture treatment one feels a sensation that is often defined by the thin needle prick as appearance, small current sensation, or warmth sensation of heaviness starting from an acupuncture point and radiating in the course of the meridian. Many different symptoms can be treated with good results. Not only are the symptoms treated, but also the source of the condition or complaint.

The first consult

During the first consult, which lasts about an hour, we take an extensive interview to see what symptoms you have and when and how they arose and worsens. It will ask eating, drinking and living habits, sleeping, menstrual cycle, pain and other details such as your emotions. This is all necessary to get a good understanding of the nature of the disturbance. In addition, the pulse is felt (pulse diagnosis) and watched the tongue (tongue diagnosis). After a physical examination we get an idea of where the problems are and at what stage. Pooled information obtained is brought to a TCM diagnosis. There will always be viewed and discussed whether lifestyle advice is given by means exercise, nutrition or herbal advice or a referral to exclude certain unexplained symptoms.
Acupuncturist & Shamanic Practitioner

As an acupuncturist, I think it’s essential to keep your knowledge continually upgrading and expanding. I therefore regularly follow training and refresh courses and I’m specialized in laser acupuncture and ear acupuncture. I am also a distributor for AcuGraph at Miridia Acupuncture Technology in North Lake Place US. I organize, in cooperation with Miridia Acupuncture Technology, refresh courses on AcuGraph. Soon there will be more information about this on my website. My quest continues but I’m now fascinated to help others in their search for a better quality of life and healing to all kinds of ailments and complaints. Integrative medicine is to integrate East and West. I believe that we need both. The various components merge into one and get the best of both in order to achieve healing and staying healthy.
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Training courses

Basic Training TCM Qingbai
Acupuncture training; Hwato University of TCM
Tuina training; Hwato University of TCM
Dr. Shikora, dr. Klowersa and Prof. Sofyan Rangkuti; Laser acupuncture therapy
Detoxification method as the basis for maintaining health and vitality: Nutriphyt
Treatment of tumors / cancer; Nutriphyt
Heart and vascular disease; Nutriphyt
Dr. Jake Paul Fratkin – Japanese acupuncture, the Yin Yang acupuncture protocol and AcuGraph; OTCG
Dr. Dominik Irnich “Segmental, trigger point and microsystem acupuncture” NAAV
TCM at Oncological treatment; TCMA
Ear acupuncture training Bahr Niv. 1, 2, 3 and 4; Gouda academy
Adrenal glands and thyroid: critical system in combating fatigue and reduced resistance; Nutriphyt
Treatment Protocols: Lyme Disease for TCM therapists; Ortho Health Foundation
Low Level Laser acupuncture therapy; Schwa-medico
Chakra and aura healing
Abdominal acupuncture: Tuvia Scott; International Lectures
Upcoming refresher: Five Elements Acupuncture: Tuvia Scott; International Lectures
Current training: Definest; shamanic practitioner


  • May 2016

    Jazz Eckmeyer

    As a Western-educated physiotherapist I was always skeptical of alternative medicine. There was in my view insufficient scientific evidence that it really works. I was skeptical but also curious. My prejudice about acupuncture was immediately quashed. I felt tingling and my body started to move, while I was lying on the treatment table. A pleasant and very special sensation.

  • May 2016

    Margreet de Jong-Vos

    The beauty of acupuncture is that you really can come with all kinds of problems. It will be clear that I continue to attend treatment.The beauty of acupuncture is that you really can come with all kinds of problems. It will be clear that I continue to attend treatment.

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