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AcuGraph, meridians measurements
The AcuGraph digital meridian system is a medical analysis by measuring the energy of each meridian. Influences from the outside may affect the flow of the natural energies of in the body. AcuGraph identifies where energy is delayed, blocked or excessive. Blockades, imbalances or disruption in the meridian pathway can cause energetic imbalances that may contribute to adverse health problems. The primary goal of acupuncture is the energy balance and restore proper energy flow, so your body can function normally and can return to a natural health. The body has its own intelligence and self-healing, acupuncture, the body sends the right signals to come into balance and heal itself. AcuGraph is the premiere instrument of its kind to offer a fast and efficient measurement with the most advanced treatment options, and together we can easily track the progress and advancement of recovery during the treatment process. It is a natural choice which I use to get high quality care and excellent results. Armed with this information we can treat better targeted and better informed decisions about your health and fitness, and ensure the best possible treatment with a faster and better result.

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For whom is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is for many symptoms such as chronic fatigue, burnout symptoms, pain, depression, weight loss and include unexplained physical symptoms a appropriate therapy.
  • Internal complaints

  • Limbs

  • Urinary tract

  • Pregnancy complaints

  • Skin

  • Respiratory tract

  • Joints

  • and more!

What's acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient and widely used medicine in traditional Chinese healthcare method. It is a holistic approach to man where there should be a balance in body, mind and soul and a free flow of vital energy through the subtle energy channels of the body. When acupuncture is pricked with thin needles at certain points. This allows energy (either called Qi) flow freely whereby reducing symptoms or disappear.